Understanding Municipal Fundamentals 🀯

A just, diverse, economically resilient city: That's what we should be striving for in Abbotsford.

For municipal elected officials, journalists and citizens, the content below is meant to be a high-level resource to highlight municipal urban and transportation planning and how it impacts economics, nature, health and lifestyle.

Strong Towns - Safe, livable, and financially resilient
Seven video essays on YouTube by Not Just Bikes summarize Strong Towns in about 75 minutes.

Oslo's World-Class Vision Zero Street Design Manual

Municipal Property Tax Economics - Per Hectare Taxable Value / Revenue vs Expenses

BC Transit Funding

[Although this blog post is dated, much of the content is relevant while providing insight into funding formulas. BC Transit has since completed a transit yard. - RB, September 24, 2022]

Video Essay Channels

Not Just Bikes - Stories of outstanding urban planning and urban experiences from the Netherlands and beyond

City Beautiful - A channel dedicated to educating everyone about cities and city planning

CityNerd - Embraces all things cities and transportation

Mentors: Municipal Elected Officials

John J. Bauters, Mayor - Emeryville, California
A 25-minute video interview of Mayor Bauters on YouTube by Propel.

Harold Steves, Councillor and former BC NDP MLA - Richmond, British Columbia

Michelle Wu, Mayor - Boston, Massachusetts

Dutch Cycling Embassy - An intermediary between the demand for Dutch cycling expertise and Dutch parties that can deliver
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Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are Canadian authors who relocated from Vancouver to Delft in the Netherlands. They have authored two books:
  • Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality
  • Curbing Traffic