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Healthcare Issues Literature Review

Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Google Maps, August 2022. A literature review of healthcare issues in Abbotsford, an expanded overview of healthcare issues on the City issues page . Coroners inquest into three deaths of patients who died within 24 hours of leaving the Abbotsford Regional Hospital psychiatric ward, occurring between December 28, 2014, and April 26, 2015: Coroners Inquest -  September 7 - 16, 2016 " Three-year-old who died in Abbotsford hospital had bacterial infection, lab results indicate ," by Gavin Fisher, CBC News - April 4, 2017 " Three days in the ER, not uncommon in Abbotsford: report ," by Tyler Olsen, Abbotsford News - December 15, 2017 " Senior spent nearly a week in Abbotsford hospital hallway ," by Tyler Olsen, Abbotsford News - March 16, 2018 " New contract would force B.C. health authorities to hire new nurses or pay millions ," by Tyler Olsen, Abbotsford News - January 3, 2019 " Abbotsford mayor says hospital ne

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