Transit Strike Letter to Abbotsford Council

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A letter that was emailed to Abbotsford City Council on Thursday, July 28, 2023, at 8:30 am and carbon copied to the City Clerk, Abbotsford First, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, Bike FV, FV Climate Action:

Good morning Mayor and Council;

Subject: Transit re-launch, sense of urgency

We need a sense of urgency with clear communication around the re-launch of transit.

  • Daily operational outlook updates until launch day (e.g., every day at 4:00 pm) with clear communication about the re-launch (e.g., will it be a phased approach, which routes will be launched first?)
  • Messaging about what the City of Abbotsford has done to enhance market appeal of transit during the labour action downtime (e.g., rapid installation of benches, implementation of SuperHost Destination BC training for transit phone operators at the yard with a commitment to answer the phones within two minutes or less, X new retail outlets to buy tickets, an online store that includes the ability to order paper forms with return postage and an envelope for HandyDart applications, ticket book subscriptions, etc.)
  • A proof of concept commitment from Council to take all City business trips within the urban centre on transit instead of private, municipal vehicles (e.g., If the Board and CEO of an airline used private jets, would that be acceptable to the airline's employees, shareholders and customers? How can there be proof of concept if Council and senior staff do not use its transit service?)
  • A proof of concept commitment for a transit network on-time performance meter with a target > 80% (not including weather delays) (e.g., Safair)
The City of Abbotsford is 100% responsible for transit. Council chooses to contact out the service to BC Transit. That's Council's choice, not the customers, and it's Council's responsibility to deliver a viable product with exceptional customer service. Transit is a core municipal service.


Ross F. Brown

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