McKee Neighbourhood Plan Public Hearing

Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, where the McKee Neighbourhood Plan public hearing was held on Monday, March 6, 2023. Image source: Google Earth

Public Hearing Video Recording Links and Time Marks for March 6 and June 12, 2023.

Correspondence Packages 1 - 4 - Note: There is an issue with the link on the City's website for packages one through four. I've asked the City for clarification on the URL issue. RB - June 12, 2023

Public Hearing Video Recording - Monday, March 6, 2023

Unofficial Transcript - Monday, March 6, 2023

Public Hearing One of Two: Public hearing time marks with First Nations presentations in italics (three presentations) for March 6, 2023:

18:07:14 - Staff presentation

18:27:50 - First speaker

18:27:50 - Long-time resident speaks to concerns regarding lobbyist efforts, housing affordability and removal of natural spaces

18:34:45 - Discusses the Francophone School District consultation

18:36:47 - A resident speaks to the geology and natural inhabitants of McKee Peak, plus the idea of a concept park

18:40:24 - A landowner family in the McKee NP subject area

18:48:44 - A resident of Sumas Prairie who speaks to the importance of recreation and nature preservation

18:52:12 - Abbotsford Walking, Hiking and More Group and The United Church Earth Stewards

18:55:18 - A physiotherapist at Abbotsford Regional Hospital speaks to the recreation health benefits of McKee Peak and the lack of indoor recreation centres

19:00:00 - A resident who speaks to the concerns regarding notice about the McKee NP

19:04:35 - Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre

19:10:00 - Sumas First Nation Natural Resource Technician

19:15:38 - Manager of Capital Planning, Abbotsford School District

19:20:52 - Feedback regarding research studies

19:24:00 - Vice President, Fraser Valley Conservancy

19:28:24 - Canadian Federation of University Women - References Mill Lake as a legacy park concerning McKee Peak becoming a park

19:34:13 - Recess

19:43:54 - Canadian Federation of University Women

19:48:41 - Resident and UFV student

19:51:19 - A resident speaks to unceded territory, urban sprawl and flat surface parking lots

19:56:55 - Sumas Prairie resident speaks to water runoff concerns

20:01:10 - Landowner in the McKee NP subject area

20:03:36 through 20:19:01 - Three consecutive speakers for the Abbotsford Trail Development Society, Abbotsford Trail Running Club and Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association (Slide highlights: 20:04:16 speaker overview slide, 20:04:23 requests slide, 20:06:52 mountain popularity slide, 20:08:40 recreation study slide, 20:09:09 economic benefits slide, 20:10:04 tourism impact possibility slide, 20:12:39 future trail study budget, 20:13:48 green space land use slide, 20:14:33 goals slide, 20:15:53 experience overview slide, 20:17:35 existing trail areas in the region highlighting areas that can support future development slide, 20:18:18 endowment funds slide)

20:19:06 - Landowner in the McKee NP subject area

20:20:50 - John Vissers, Fraser Valley Conservancy Board Member

20:26:15 - Christina Toth, former Abbotsford Times journalist

20:29:58 - Tourism Abbotsford and Fraser Valley Destination Development Council

20:32:25 - Abbotsford and Mission Nature Club

20:45:50 - Past President (16 years), Abbotsford and Mission Nature Club

20:48:24 - Biologist, Fraser Valley Conservancy

20:53:41 - McKee Peak area resident

20:59:04 - Board Member of Fraser Valley Conservancy who has worked professionally in nature conservation and stewardship with a focus on species at risk for over 20 years

21:02:28 - Recess followed by a brief Council meeting

21:11:00 - McKee public feedback resumes

21:11:18 - Former resident speaks to affordable housing and climate change issues who works as an immigration community developer

21:15:47 - A resident speaks about First Nations' unceded territory

21:20:53 - Biologist who works with the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition

21:25:48 - Abbotsford resident who has worked for Fraser Valley Conservancy shares her McKee Peak experience and the importance of nature

21:31:17 - A resident who speaks to the natural health benefits of McKee Peak on unceded land. Talks about changes in the ponds when Whatcom Road was extended. Sustainability specialist. Instructor.

21:34:34 - A resident who was born on Sumas Mountain speaks about the impacts of development

21:38:39 - A resident who speaks to housing affordability and traffic

21:43:40 - Auguston and Abbotsford Tech District

21:48:10 - A resident who speaks to the importance of McKee Peak's trails and habitat

21:51:25 - Retired wildlife biologist with 55 years of experience

21:52:17 - Former Chairperson of Fraser Valley Conservancy. Offers examples of conflict between humans and wildlife when natural areas are developed

21:57:20 - A resident speaks to trees and air quality and the need to secure a large area of McKee Peak as green space

21:59:10 - Director of Acquisitions, Polygon Homes

22:00:49 - A resident and parent who speaks to the importance of the mental health benefits of McKee Peak

22:02:25 - A former South Surrey resident speaks to the erosion of green space and preserving space as a park giving the example of Stanley Park

22:04:48 - Director of Governance and Natural Resources, Sumas First Nation

22:13:52 - Second call for speakers

22:14:06 - Council asks questions of staff

Public Hearing Video Recording - Monday, June 12, 2023

Public Hearing Two of Two: Public hearing time marks with First Nations presentations in italics (two presentations) for June 12, 2023:

18:06:50 - Staff Presentation

18:24:23 - Long-time resident of Abbotsford presents materials from the Government of British Columbia

18:28:39 - The Kenny Group

18:31:35 - Resident shares insight regarding environmental concerns and lack of natural areas retained

18:37:06 - Abbotsford youth resident expresses her love for McKee Peak and concerns about the loss of the City's last natural habitat and having to travel to other towns for access to nature

18:40:28 - Member of United Church Earth Stewards and Canadian Federation of University Women speaks to the loss of the natural habitat, including the City's tree canopy

18:44:47 - Natural Resources Technician, Sumas First Nation. PowerPoint presentation. Speaks to cultural loss and species at risk. The Sumas First Nation opposes the Plan.

18:51:33 - Abbotsford resident speaks to a lack of Sumas First Nations engagement and relationship

18:55:34 - An Abbotsford resident and McKee Peak trail user speaks against urban sprawl

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